Banner Ad: 21+ Examples That Drive Clicks & Sales in 2020


But if you want to write banner ad copy that’s truly effective, focusing on outcomes is a great approach. Additionally, I think the CTA button is perfectly placed; it attracts the eye as soon as you’re done scanning the headline copy. Plus, the marketers at nCino understand that they’re working with a long sales cycle—hence the use of a low-pressure CTA.

If I would ask you to design a banner ad that is promoting one of Apple’s products, what is the first thing you would do besides inserting their logo? Apple Music already created a big buzz in the industry, so there’s no need to make a big fuss over their banner ads. This is why a simple “Available Now” message is more than enough. However, creative skills aren’t the only thing that guarantees an effective ad.

In-game ads: why brands should be excited – Search Engine Land

In-game ads: why brands should be excited.

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I like what they’ve done with the heading and the subhead; emphasizing “Limited-Time Offer” and driving it home with the crossed-out price tactic is a strong approach. To me, what’s unique about this side-by-side comparison is that it communicates Wikibuy’s value proposition through a specific, tangible product—an Xbox controller. If Wikibuy ran a banner ad that simply said, “We make online shopping cheaper,” it wouldn’t resonate nearly as much. By anchoring their value prop to something concrete that many consumers will recognize, Wikibuy significantly enhances the impact of their ad. This ad is brilliant because it reworks the “Start your free trial today” cliché in a way that makes prospects feel autonomous.


Prime Video using banner ads to reach audiences on IMDb. These factors are important for a brand to set the groundwork for what success looks like, and ensure the creative visual of the banner aligns with the business objective. This should be informed by both the brand’s business goals and creative direction.

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I also think that it’s very helpful now to work with content creators and influencers can help your brand get a lot of attention in the industry. I think that it’s because a lot of people are online now. At LOCALiQ, we believe digital marketing doesn’t have to be complex and big goals aren’t just for big businesses. LOCALiQ provides the platform, technology, and services you need to reach your biggest goals. When you don’t know what you’re doing, display advertising is an easy way to waste your ad spend. But if you’re inspired by greatness and follow tried and tested principles, you have a shot at success.


These adverts are placed on websites, social media platforms, and apps to earn views and clicks. You can link your banner ad to any URL on your website, though most marketers prefer to point to a landing page. WordStream by LOCALiQ is your go-to source for data and insights in the world of digital marketing. Check out our award-winning blog, free tools and other resources that make online advertising easy. You don’t need to put on an expensive photoshoot with professional models to create an attention-grabbingad. When used creatively, icons, or even stock photos can help you stand out from the crowd.


Banner ads can be static or dynamic ads that are strategically positioned on a website to capture consumers’ attention. Through banner advertising, brands can promote their brand as well as encourage viewers to visit the brand’s website. Similar to other forms of online advertising, brands leverage banner advertising for a multitude of reasons. Simply put, banner advertising is a type of digital advertising through creative ads known as banners. This type of visual banner-style online advertising is a form of display advertising.

This is why I’m going to let show you how they do it and maybe you can steal some of their tactics. Try research tools that specialize in tracking your competitors’ ad metrics or keywords. You can use these insights to plan your strategy and take advantage of any opportunities your competitors may have missed. This ad from Mcdonald’s uses interactivity to drive action. Instead of offering their product, McDonald’s encourage views to create their own version of the Quarter Pounder burger.

Common Banner Ad Sizes

But remember that your first idea is rarely the winner. Come up with a few different ideas, mix and match, and test the final ads against each other for the best results. Ongoing testing and optimization of your Google Ads is a reliable recipe for success. It contrasts the ease of taking pictures and using social media, with the typical difficulty of mobile banking. And it’s not just ads, like we’ve previously covered, humor works in content marketing too.

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Ensuring the brand has the appropriate audience in mind for the banner ad affects the overall success of the ad. Brands must think critically around what success looks like within a banner ad campaign and the desired action viewers should take after seeing the banner ad. See the HW acceleration guide for more information about options for controlling hardware acceleration. Note that individual ad views cannot be enabled for hardware acceleration if the Activity is disabled, so the Activity itself must have hardware acceleration enabled. They created a decent banner and targeted it to appear right on sites that have content related to laptops and features.

What are the benefits of banner ads?

However, remember to stay on brand and consider if this would work with your brand tone of voice. What makes this banner ad great rather than good is the use of a specific number ($782). If Liberty Mutual simply said, “You could save money,” that wouldn’t make much of an impact on their prospects.

  • They also match the ad creative to the ad size, rather than just sizing down the house and car from the skyscraper.
  • You can test all your hypotheses without having to spend a lot of time or money.
  • Also, CISCO showed that they are an international company and they can target multiple nationality users.
  • This short, animated ad from PNC Bank is a great example of a display ad.

This, in my opinion, is a textbook example of how you can take the satisfaction of your current customers and use it to win new customers . Here we have another example from a higher education advertiser—one that’s effective for completely different reasons. First, I love the image on the left side of the ad; I think it evokes a feeling of community, of being part of something bigger than yourself. Match your ad creative to the add size, rather than squeezing one ad into a new format.

The New York Times is leveraging current trends to convey a strategic message through their display ad. If you’ve got a good idea that breaks the rules, test it against a rule-following control. You can test all your hypotheses without having to spend a lot of time or money. These Apple display ads use emojis to replace letters. Hardware acceleration is enabled by default, but some apps may choose to disable it.

The ad highlights the product itself against an eye-grabbing orange background. The copy is straight to the point and large and easy to read. It targets tech and gadget sites to reach young professionals likely to be interested in a new groundbreaking e-bike. That’s why in this article, we’ll cover 21+ banner ad examples and break down why they work so well .

  • These Apple display ads use emojis to replace letters.
  • Here we have another example from a higher education advertiser—one that’s effective for completely different reasons.
  • Because with HTML5-powered animation, and better targeting options than ever, banner ads work.
  • You can replicate this with keyword targeting in your Google Ads campaigns.
  • The marketers at DocuSign clearly have a strong understanding of how display advertising fits into the marketing funnel.

Another great example of how to use banner ads examples in your banner ad. Also, CISCO showed that they are an international company and they can target multiple nationality users. Bing is a great example of how to design a banner ad for the right user.

That saidd, you may want to add some stand-up to your Netflix routine. Repurposing existing creative for display ads can facilitate increased brand awareness. To get started in creating banner ads, brands should consider a few key principles and steps to be most effective.

In this case, One A Day is undermining the idea that being health conscious is complicated and time-consuming. As this ad does a stellar job of communicating, all it takes to improve your nutrition is a single daily supplement. With strategically placed copy and creative, your CTA may not even have to be a button. Bulldog Skincare uses a humorous image and headline to take the edge off the interruption. Humor is a great, and often underutilized tool in the advertiser’s toolbox.

They also match the ad creative to the ad size, rather than just sizing down the house and car from the skyscraper. Help you identfy which strategies are best for your business. For more information about how the Mobile Ads SDK’s test ads work, seeTest Ads. Banner ads are very much alive and well in 2020, as you can see from the examples above.

Advertisers Hit The Pause Button With Twitter – Forbes

Advertisers Hit The Pause Button With Twitter.

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Here we see a banner from Nanopay, promoting its liquidity management services in the Cloud Innovation top page on Forbes. Here, we see MSI promote its new GS66 Stealth laptop with a vertical or skyscraper banner ad. Large vertical ad, typically placed in a sidebar or menu. Often includes more than one clickable image with unique links.

Look at how Skype is designing their banner ads where the “Watch the video” with a simple arrow has the same color as the “Skype” logo. MailChimp is one of the brands that use banner ads to increase brand awareness and also to remind users they are more than an email marketing company. What I also love about these banner ads examples are the colors of the CTA buttons with the clear message “Get Started Now”. Almost every great tech company is using banner advertising to get to the right users with relevant information. This is why I want to show you 27 of the best banner ad examples I saw in my research. Use third-party research and design tools to develop effective display advertising campaigns.


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