What is Freelance Copywriting? & How to Get Started in 2023

Once you have selected all your writing samples, you’ll need somewhere to display them so potential clients can see your work. Develop an online portfolio that showcases your writing samples, provides a listing of your services and offers a bio so clients can learn more about you and your background. You can use portfolio templates from WordPress or SquareSpace, or hire a web developer to build you a custom site. The digital age offers a treasure trove of resources — online courses, blogs, books, webinars — that can provide the perfect starter guide for your freelance copywriting career.

copywriting how to start

Compared to the other formulas on our list, the ACCA formula is different because of the “comprehension” phase. It’s your job to give the reader a deeper understanding of the problem and solution. Tell people what’s happening and how it affects them before diving into the CTA. If you don’t have a clear understanding of the offer, it’s impossible for you to convey that message to another person. Even if you’re promoting the same exact product or promotion, you need to write uniquely for every distribution method. You could start off by using a statistic, number, or enticing fact.

Copywriting 101: How to Become a Copywriter [Free 2023 Guide]

Another possibility is offering your services to a friend, colleague, or peer, with the understanding that you’re still getting your footing. In this case, two friendly parties are doing each other a favor. In the future, you may look at these pieces and cringe a bit—I know I did. But in the meantime, you want to show off any copy you’ve ever written for a business. But if you have the necessary skills, and follow the steps below, you should be able to develop a steady volume of work and limit the uncertainty.

The site also sells clothing for a range of different styles. But the world of copywriting extends far beyond printed materials. Adapting to change and uncertainty with a positive mindset can turn these potential stressors into growth opportunities.

Identify One or Two Copywriting Books

It is easy to get swayed by heavy words when you are new to copywriting and content writing. It becomes difficult not to be tempted by the jargon and difficult words in your vocabulary. However, on average, most customers prefer conversational language and words over ‘wordy’ words.

copywriting how to start

If your content demonstrates a specific result achieved using your skills, trust me when I say that you will slowly but surely start generating clients. You want to spend a few months building your portfolio and mastering your skills, so by the time you decide to do this full time, you have a roster of clients waiting for you. You always want to use your cheap or free work as a networking tool. If you satisfy these clients and overdeliver with your services, they’ll recommend you to others. And if these people are truly influential, you could end up with a big list of potential clients. Imagine if you worked in online marketing and had the chance to work with Gary Vee or Neil Patel.

Know the Difference between Features and Benefits

You’ll need to continue this habit throughout your entire copywriting career. All successful copywriters are committed to ongoing learning and regularly invest a portion of their time and money into advancing their skills and knowledge of copywriting. Copywriting is all about persuading readers to take a specific action. New copywriters often find it challenging to use the right persuasive words without sounding imposing.

Another way to price your work is to use value-based pricing. To do that, you need to consider the customer lifetime value and the number of customers your client wants to get. From there, you calculate the value you can generate with your services.

copywriting skills you need to succeed

Try not to overuse the persuasive tone; use it in a way that will not annoy or offend customers. One mistake that new copywriters tend to make is using imposing words or language. A freelance copywriter or independent contractor serves as their own boss, has a flexible schedule and controls workflow. Benefits do not come with freelancing and copywriters are on their own to find health insurance, manage income, control expenses and fund retirement plans. Private health insurance can be costly if you can’t join a spouse’s plan so weighing the pros and cons is a necessary first step before you decide on your copywriter type. Ivan Kreimer is a freelance content marketer who helps SaaS business create content that commands attention, builds authority, and drives action.

  • You can simply start copywriting by learning from the Internet.
  • You may want to specialize in specific areas of copywriting, such as advertising copy, website content, email marketing copy and more.
  • You’ll need to continue this habit throughout your entire copywriting career.
  • While the platforms mentioned before are filled with potential clients, there are other great freelance platforms you can try.
  • In fact, these readers are likely some of your best potential buyers because they care enough about the content to consider every sentence.

You can also read books, learn for free online, or find a mentor who’s been in the business. As a copywriter, one of the first things to learn is how to differentiate between features and benefits. You’ll need to know how to write both so that readers understand what https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/copywriter/ your product does, as well as why they should care. With that said, the majority of people who come across a company’s website, landing page, or blog post aren’t going to read the whole thing. People want to know what’s in it for them while exerting the least effort.

That’s what we mean by saying you need to choose your niche in copywriting. But the most important thing is to use the resources available to you. Make a plan of which books and courses you want to go through. Then, follow through with your plan and take the time to read and study all of the material, preferably a few times.

copywriting how to start

Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, it will be easier for you to find a suitable course or mentor that can help you improve in those areas. If you want to identify your strengths and weaknesses, you can take online personality tests or seek feedback from trusted friends or mentors. Whether you are self-taught or are taking a copywriting course, laying a strong foundation is essential for success.


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